How do I change the name of the application.exe file when I do a build file.

When I do a build. (I click on the build button) XOJO works OK and builds the exe file but it is always named “My Application.exe” How do I change the name of the application exe file.

Again I am coming from real studio where there was a property that I could name the application file.
Any help will ab appreciated

Under build settings in the navigator click on windows. In the inspector you can change the name.

Boy do I feel dumb.

At least I got my answer.

Thanks very much.

PS: If you haven’t figured it out yet I’m working on my first XOJO application and I can’t seem to find a tree because of the forest.

Try the users guides on

If you prefer PDF format you can find PDFs inside the folder with your Xojo install.

Dumb would be not asking the question. There is a learning curve moving from RS to Xojo, but it is not nearly as steep as some I’ve experienced.

I had the same question! Thanks, Wayne! I knew I had seen “Build Settings” somewhere. There it was, scrolled off the bottom of the screen…