How Do I Address a NSMenu.PopUpStatusItemmenu?

With the help of MacOSLib, I could set up a NSStatusItem in my Mac’s status bar and can handle it so far. I had the idea to have important message show up as a popup menu underneath – just the line with the information – and having this addendum disappear once it is clicked. So on setting up the Statusitem, I finish with a

dim alertmenu as new NSMenu call alertmenu.Append (whatsoever text) StatusItem.PopUpStatusItemMenu (alertmenu)

Everything’s fine, it pops up as intended.
But how can I determine if it has been clicked? It is not part of the Statusitem’s handler, and while the latter was set up on appending the status item to the system bar, there seems to be not similar declaration for a popup.

Ah… While not familiar with the MacOSLib implementation, I would say, probably the easiest thing is to set up a NSMenu and append a Xojo menu item to it (via it’s handle property). This way you’ll be able to capture the event as if it was a Xojo menu item :slight_smile: