How do I access the App property CompanyName?

App.CompanyName exists as a property, but seems to be private. How can I access this property in my apps?

There is no property called CompanyName in the Application class, it is a Windows specific compiler / linking property. You’ll need to create a constant or you can get the name via declares.

The search window shows it is there.

It would be nice not to have to create another property to mirror it.

Thats a handy fiction from years ago :slight_smile:

It is ill formed anyway.

It reads as such in search results

App.CompanyName                    (propertyName)

It should read as string or constant, respectively

App.CompanyName Declaration CompanyName as String App.CompanyName CompanyName

Its not a property or constant on the App class at all
In the OLD IDE there was no real place to put this setting so you could get at it - so it was a handy fiction to make it appear to be an App Property
Thats why when you click on the App instance in your project thats NOT where you set it or see it at all
Its in the Build Settings
Just haven’t had a chance to make it so when you search for it thats where it points you etc

Like I said its a handy fiction BUT it leads to the question “why cant I access this property on my app class”
See the first line of my reply