How do I access application name

Trying to save the Mac application name or the Windows application into a database. How do I access the application name that is currently running? It’s not App.ApplicationName, but it should be something like that. I have an updater that will update for several of our company programs. Need to pass in the application name so I can later relaunch that program when the update process is finished. I don’t want to hard wire the name because I don’t want to have to remember the name if I decide to change it in the build. Thanks for your help.

This is from the TPSF module:

[code] Private Function ThisAppName() As String
return ReplaceAll(App.ExecutableFile.Name, “.exe”, “”)

	End Function


The module also provides access to the bundle identifier for Mac the correct way, so you may wish to explore the option. I’m not certain but you may be able to end a process by it’s bundle identifier.