How did you do that?

How did you do that?
In Sample Applications : ToDo
– CompleteButton : Action
The code reads :
If TaskList.ListIndex >= 0 Then
TaskList.Cell(TaskList.ListIndex, 0) = “?”
End If

     How did you select or create  the "?" (check mark)?

     In the old days (DOS) you could use the keyboard and code special characters using the ALT + ASCII numpad key combination for example   ALT+251   would = ?  


I’m on Windows, so I opened code in Xojo and did just what you said. I held down the ALT key and hit 251 and there the check mark was. Const CheckMark = "?". You could also probably find it in the character map. It’s in Windows for sure and Mac, I think.

If you notice the one in the code is a little different. I wanted to know where they got theirs from? Alway looking for new stuff. Thought that maybe there was a table to look at with other icons or character sets. I’m on a mac currently but spent too many years on Windows.

On the mac the alt / option key + the v character produces the check mark ? but is isn’t the same as their checkmark.

I will spend some time looking around just thought that someone might know. Thanks

You can specify Unicode code points in code by using the &u literal and the hexadecimal Unicode code point. e.g.:

TaskList.Cell(TaskList.ListIndex, 0) = &u2713

Unicode character 0x2713 = ?

Probably typed it in on a Mac :stuck_out_tongue:
option-V gives ?

But you CAN use &U to get pretty much any character you want
The trick will be whether or not the font you’re using has a glyph for it.

I would expect the Unicode method to be the safest cross platform. Personally I used an image of a tick mark in our apps.

or if you are on a MAC, open the SPECIAL CHARACTERS menu and drag what you want

FYI… this forum hates when you drag some special characters into messages :slight_smile:

I keep a little text file containing a selection of special characters that I use, and copy and paste them when I need them. For example:


Saves having to search for them each time. Most of these do not have keyboard shortcuts on Mac.

I also have a useful little utility called Key Codes that gives the ASCII and Unicode codes for any key that you press.

On windows just search for “character map” and you can paste any character based on the font used:

??? ???†‰?