How could this happen?

How’s this for eerie, strange and unexplainable - I have access to a private site that requires a password to get past the opening page. I have (had) it bookmarked. Today, when I tried to go there, the bookmark was gone. So I thought, as strange as that was, I would go to history and find the site because I knew I was there on Friday. (it’s an odd, hard to remember URL and not easily found with Google) IT"S NOT IN THE HISTORY - and yes I did check Saturday and Thursday also.

Mac Pro, macOS 10.11.1, Safari 9.0.1

I HATE stuff like this!

(And just for those who are wondering, it is a private site of the Grand Lodge of Texas (Masonic) with access only by Local Lodge Secretaries, of which I am one. It is the Grand Secretary’s Database and I have to visit several times a week to keep the records updated.)

OS, Browser, other environment stuff ?

If I boot my Macintosh in “Without Fail” mode (translated from french), I lost a lot of name(s)/password(s) with Firefox.

So, since the moment I discover this fact, I stop to use that mode.

Edit: for the History lost entries, I do not know because I never think it is something that may happens.


Have you not originally received instructions to access the site that you can go back to ?

[quote]Emile - OS, Browser, other environment stuff ?[/quote] That is on the line below the 1st paragraph…

Oh sure, that’s what I went back to. Went to the site and bookmarked it again. And just to add salt to the wound, the SQL Server was down for maintenance and I couldn’t get in anyway…

Did you surf in incognito mode?

How about time machine?

never surfed incog and I don’t like time machine - I spend a lot of time in the Lightroom Catalog (which is a SQLite database) and the docs explicit say don’t run time machine with LR open…