How clean my App Cache

I f any way to clean my Web App Cache each time my app run i have some time error and the app no run until clean history on the browser.

What version of Xojo are you using?

i try 2015 3.1 and 2017r1

Just checking. Somewhere along the way we made it so the framework would get the time stamps of the executable so whenever you built the browser would pull it, but that was before 2015r3.

What is the error?

no error show it shut of the app the when you refresh it con on the app and run for some time and the do the same.
but if i run erase the history the it works

and is running on windows server 2012 with ms SQL

Do you have any code in App.UnhandledException or Session.UnhandledException to log any errors?

how i add that code if any code example for it

Look in for App.unhandledException