How can iosScreens created in the IDE be used?

I note that the IDE allows you to create new iosScreens - but I can’t find any comments in the manuals as to how to use them.

I can see that you can create new iosViews, iosTabs and iosSplits and programmatically use those with the app.currentScreen.content - but don’t see a way to add iosScreens from the IDE.

You can do this:

dim oScreen as new ScreenStartup //ScreenStartup is an iosScreen app.CurrentScreen.Content = oScreen.Content

That helps, thank you Bob.

You are most welcome. I spent quite a few hours a few weeks ago looking for this same issue. The documentation isn’t very helpful, IMO.

Mea culpa. I have info in the docs about using App.CurrentScreen to swap in new views and splits, but I had no idea you could also swap in new screens.

I’ve updated the relevant doc pages:

Thanks Bob and James!

So, now I can apply IDE screens - but how do I get at the instances of the various views that they contain from elsewhere?

Something like:


In a view:



Thanks - but that gets me from a view to the master and detail views.

If I only have knowledge of the screen, now do I get to the master and detail?

and then, if, the detail view is a tab, how do you get at the tabs?

I think I’m answering my own question at present and that is build these views programatically and keep the various views as properties somewhere so they can be referenced.

Yup, exactly.