How can I layer views in iOS?

First of all, apologies for not using the correct jargon here, but I’ve got a particular UI in mind and want to try and work out if it’s achievable with Xojo’s iOS framework (plus suitable declares, of course). I hope that screenshots will make up for not knowing the correct terminology!

What I’m trying to achieve is a UI where tapping some kind of menu button either partially slides that menu view over the current view, like so:

…or partially slides the current view out of the way to reveal the menu ‘underneath’ it:

Is this kind of UI trick even vaguely achievable in Xojo apps?

If you do not want to go with a timer and manual placement of a containercontrol to simulate such a behavior, maybe these articles, especially parts II and III about animation features, will help you:
A partial slide sounds like a custom transition where the new view does not fully cover the old.

That looks very promising, Ulrich: thanks for the link!