How can I do a javascript animation?

I’m trying to create a web application that controls an animation. I need to run the animation itself on the client side, because otherwise it would soak up to much CPU time on the server. So I’d like to run a javascript on the client side that draws to some kind of canvas, but I’d like to control it (start, stop, and provide various parameters when the script starts) on the server side. How do I get started with this? Does the WebCanvas show up as a javascript canvas on the client side? If so, how do I get its ID so that I can have the javascript draw to it? Where should I put the javascript? I don’t know a lot about either HTML or javascript, so I’d like to keep the use of both to a bare minimum (that’s why I’m using Xojo!). Any help from web gurus that could get me started would be much appreciated!

Look at the WebSdk folder in the Extras folder next to the IDE. That will get you going in the right direction.

Thanks, Greg, I appreciate your response. I am beginning to make some progress, I think. I’ll let you know how it goes.