how can i detect control bar position change in movieplayer?

there doesn’t seem to be an event for when the user moves the movieplayer’s position. Is there a workaround to determinine that it has been moved and its current position?

AFAIK there isn’t even an event in the underlying player on macOS, so my guess would be to use a timer and poll .position. Alternatively, hide the controls and create your own custom controller that would allow you to know everything (regarding the video playback).

p.s. Even with a custom controller, I think you still have to use a Timer to set the position on your controller to match the video player.

Using the HTML5 audio/video Player in an HTMLViewer could do the trick.

i will have to look into both of these options. thanks!

while i got htmlviewer to display the movie, it would not display html5 video subtitles using the attribute like i need it to do. I had the s/w write the video embedded in html5 page and that page works perfectly in a browser but only the movie shows in htmlViewer. must not fully support html5. might have to do that with a canvas paint or something.

A word of warning when using an HTMLView to play movies, it won’t work if your application is Sandboxed and you try to access a movie via a Security-Scoped Bodegmark. It will work with the built-in MoviePlayer, just not the HTMLViewer :frowning: I found this the hard way.

If you don’t use Security-Scoped Bodgemarks, you’ll be fine. Just another Apple framework that’s incompatible with their own security system.

goal is to get it in the app store eventually. never heard of Security-Scoped Bodgemarks.