How can I create a Windows global hotkey?

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to find a way in Xojo (compiled software to run on Windows) so that I can start my program minimised and then when the user presses a defined key combination (e.g. Alt-Ctrl C) the program will be brought to the front and maximised. I have looked on the forum and elsewhere to try and find a way to create a system wide hotkey from within Xojo but I can’t find anything that helps. Does anyone have any suggestions how I could do this.


HotkeyMBS class works.


Ok great, thanks I will give that a try.

Thanks @Christian Schmitz . I was looking for a means to have a particular key combination take a screenshot while my app was in the background and MBS worked perfect (just like it worked for doing the screen capture). The documentation could have been a bit better, but the examples got me there.

Or the HotKeyHelper class in WFS.

In my experience, the best remedy for the sometimes terse MBS documentation, is asking Christian :slight_smile:

Only if someone uses the feedback links, they can comment on missing documentation and then we add something.

Also if someone emails us and asks something, we usually answer the email and update documentation.

The award was for the plugins, not for the documentation :slight_smile: