How call a form another form in xojo

Dear All,

I would like call a another form from a form in xojo through the Action event of a pushbotton. This is my code for Action event is given below.
Dim ProgramPath As FolderItem
ProgramPath = GetFolderItem(“E:\Sriram\Xojo\FormsSource”)
If ProgramPath <> Nil and ProgramPath.exists Then
// The folder exists so fetch a file from it
Dim ProgramWithPath As FolderItem = ProgramPath.Child(“menu.xojoBinaryProject”)
Msgbox(“The path is not found”)
End If

The screen program hangs after a execute the action button (no action and no error message). Can you help me resolve this issue. I looked for all the help in the xojo documents but could not solve this.


The file (assuming the file exists) is a Xojo project.
So launching it would in theory ‘launch’ Xojo
Im not sure that launching Xojo from a Xojo debug session would work
What do you expect to happen here?

The file you are trying to launch needs an ‘association’ to be able to launch it, and also ensure that the ‘extension’ is exactly as expected, on my windows system it’s xojo_binary_project.