How awesome is this cover?

Awesome cover

These folks do pretty cool covers as well

Beautiful awesomeness :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s a Belgian choir that did some amazing songs for some time now. Heard them a couple of times live also. Should have send Scala for the Eurosong festival :slight_smile:

ESC? Sweden’s gonna win that thing again :wink:

While we’re at music. Anyone got some good “programming” music?
Sometimes my taste for metal isn’t exactly the best when programming :stuck_out_tongue:

på svenska eller engelska??? ^^

Please do! :slight_smile:

Daft Punk always seems to get me on a roll. Probably the rhythm approaching my typing cadence…

Don’t matter :slight_smile:

Sorry Alwyn, this got a little off track but we’re still at music!

Musik har inga språkgränser …

(Hope this is correct… had to use Google translate?)

Call me old fashioned, Albin, but anything “Eagles” makes for smooth programming background music for me (for that matter, makes for good travelling down the highway music too … try “Life in the Fast Lane”). My absolute favorite to work to though is Trans Siberian Orchestra … I go see them every year and have just about everything they’ve ever done. Lots of energy … keeps my wits alive, kickin’ and focused on what I’m doing.

Mycket bra, Alwyn … härligt!

I’ll save you the trouble of looking that one up, Alwyn … I commented that you did very well indeed with your Swedish!

[quote=86178:@Alwyn Bester]Musik har inga språkgränser …
(Hope this is correct… had to use Google translate?)[/quote]
That’s correct Alwyn!
Nope, it does not. The feeling can be there even though it’s in a foreign language which one can’t understand :slight_smile:

I’m eagerly waiting for In Flames new album…!

I’ll check it out! :slight_smile:

I went to see TSO this year in Dallas… biggest disappointment of my life. Love them too, but this one was horrible. Also agree with the Eagles statement… them and Journey, although when ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ comes on I’m usually more focused on screaming the lyrics at the top of my lungs (just the intro, of course) than I am anything else.

The only correct music for programming is of course “Computers and Blues” by The Streets :wink:
(To be honest not my absolute favorite in music, but I loooove that accent!)

Not too shabby

While coding - Thievery Corporation, Morcheeba, Enigma, Basement Jaxx, BT, Fatt Burger, Hibernate. If I’m designing, it’s all classical with a cant towards Borodin, Dvorak and Stravinsky. During testing, it’s Blue Oyster Cult, Metallica, Tantric, Evanescence, NiN, Mahogany Rush, Deep Purple, …

It’s great having a library that stretches back to 1974 :).

I think this cover is very cool too… and it goes back to 1953.

Found it! Perfect music when in “the Zone”!
Dead Soul

Maybe to dark for some… (whole album is great)

[quote=91738:@Albin Kiland]
Found it! Perfect music when in “the Zone”!
Dead Soul[/quote]
That’s the kind of music I really love.
:thumbs up: