Hover over a link

I upgrade my web application from Web Kit 1 to 2. In WebKit 1 I used the styles. In 2 is this not possible any more.
For the links, I used a red hover style. But now I get an underlined text. This doesn’t look like very good. Does someone has an idea to change this, so it get a red text again. Thank you.

Can’t find a way to change the behavior, maybe @Anthony_G_Cyphers can think of something.

Try this in the Shown event of your WebLink:

var exec() as String
exec.Add( "$('#" + me.ControlID + " a').hover(function() {" )
exec.Add( "  $(this).css('color','#00f');" )
exec.Add( "}, function() {" )
exec.Add( "  $(this).css('color','#f00');" )
exec.Add( "});" )
ExecuteJavaScript( String.FromArray( exec, "" ) )

You can change the colors you wish to use by changing the second parameter of the .CSS functions in the strings.



thank you, this was the solution. I played a little bit with theparamter and get a good solution. Thank you

Happy to help. Please mark the solution so that it’s easier for others to locate in the future.