Hover constant

XOJO 2019r3.1 / Windows 10

Hover a constant in the code does not give the constant’s correct value.
They all shows as value “0”

Is this a bug ?


Tested on Xojo 2019R3.1 Windows 10 x64

I created some string constants and Integer constants and while hovering over them in code the code editor displays the proper values

I was writing them out in Action event of a button, where were you testing?

That could be a factor

Thanks for the reply.
I was writing them in the Open event of a window. It were all Integer constants.
They all show 0 as value

I found why they were not showing correctly by hovering. At least I found a solution, but it could still be a bug because it didn’t work the way I created the constants..
When I created the constants, I did not set the Default Value in the right pane , but I only had set the value in the middle pane of the screen.
The one were you can choose Platform, Language, Value.
I thought setting this Value would be enough.
It works because the values are correctly used in the app’s code, but hovering was not working.


That would do it. The code editor is platform and language agnostic.