Hotel Cutoff Date Coming Up

Hey XDC attendees,

Hotel rooms are being held for our group until March 30th. After that date we cannot guarantee the availability of rooms at the Radisson. If you have not yet booked your room at the Radisson please do so ASAP. You can view the event booking website at or call 512.478.9611.

Let me know if you have any questions! See you next month!

I wasn’t able to book at room at the XDC rate via the URL. But a quick call to the 512 number, was able to book my room (at the appropriate rates).

And as a side note, I didn’t remember I was a Raddison member (whatever their program is called). They found me and updated my records while booking me.

can’t wait to see all y’all next month.

OMG quick cancel my flights & rooms & … :stuck_out_tongue:

It will be fun :slight_smile:

you can run but you can’t hide… err wait YOU can hide… you live in the middle of nowhere…

I dont NEED to hide … I live in the middle of nowhere !
The cows or the coyotes will get you :slight_smile: