Hosting Xojo code repositories?

I have a number of half-baked Xojo projects which might be useful open-sourced, and some day I’d like to do so if I can get them 3/4 baked.

What’s your recommendation for a place to host Xojo code? GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, SourceForge, hosing your own, etc?

I use GitHub mostly, but BitBucket is good too. Basically whatever works for you, the community will appreciate it and ask you to fix bugs for them.


I prefer BitBucket as it allows me to have unlimited private repos.
GitHub is more popular.
Either works well.
And as @Kem Tekinay said, anything you post out there, the community will love/enjoy.

Github is nice cause it shows your activity as sort of a profile. Cool to keep track of commits.

I recommend GitLab

we use GitLab internally to the company but do not use their hosted service. For hosted we use BitBucket.