Horizontal listbox

For displaying files in a very small portion of the screen I need some kind of horizontal listbox…

Is anybody familiair with such a component?


You have to use ListBox second mode:

a. Set all ListBox Columns to fixed withs (say “100,100,100” vs "33%,33%,34%)
b. Set the Horizontal ScrollBar ListBox Property to ON.

Read ListBox.

Re-ask if this is not crystal clear: it tooks a while for me to understand that even after Dave explain it to me (more thanks to you Dave).

I nearly forgot:

set the window resizeable (and so the ListBox Control in that window) and at run time, resize down / up the window to make display Horizontal ScrollBar.

You can also resize (enlarge) one Column to display the Horizontal Column.

Text here is your friend.

Setting to ON the resizeable Property is a plus (mandatory ?) here.

Aaahhhhh didn’t know that. Thanks Emile!

you’re welcome.

This is not exact according to the documentation (use instead “100,33%,*” it is the presence of the asterisk or not that change the ListBox Mode: enabe or disable the Horizontal ScrollBar presence) :