Hope to have some more iOS features

When I am building my iOS apps, I found two things that can create much better user experience but not yet supported by Xojo.

The first thing is to add a function to be called when pressing “Confirm” on iOS keyboard for a iOSTextField - especially for “Search” or “Login”, so users can just click “Confirm” on keyboard and search/login. I know there are some workarounds (by seeing if the iOSTextField is firstResponder using a timer, however I think this might cause battery problems), but I still hope this can be native.
One more thing is to allow Associated Domains. This is essential for building Apps allowing autofill website passwords, or custom app-specified links (clicking a link to the website can wake the app so the user does not need to go to the website again). This will definitely increase user experience and let them be happy for having the app.

I am really satisfied with my Xojo experience, and I hope these features can enhance my experience on Xojo and my users’ experience on my app as well :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Xojo has a roadmap where you can see what their (probably) up to!


Some features alrwady exist in iOSKit on github.

Thanks for the Roadmap page! This is the first time I know about there exists such a page, and I would say it looks promising!

I am using iOSKit by kingj5, but I don’t think both of my requests actually exist in iOSKit. I was also trying to use Xojo-AppleLib by UBogun to make my first request work, but seems there is a namespace conflict between them, and I always have problems to get Xojo-AppleLib to work, since Xojo always tells me some classes do not exist.

I also look forward for Android compatibility, since many of my users are using Android. I would say choosing Xojo is the right decision, but I still hope there are some more features for better experience :slight_smile:

Maybe @Geoff_Perlman could fill in this gap for you. If it’s not in iOSKit it’s probably undoable in declares. Mostly xojo will fill in such gaps. Or file a Feature Request if it’s not already there (Search for it in the Feedback app).

  • The AppleLib is out of date, use iOSKit if you use such github project for iOS.
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I am not sure if Associated Domains feature is doable, but I believe the feature to pass a function handler when pressing “Confirm” on keyboard can be done, since that is actually implemented in AppleLib, and its construction (including invocation method) is same comparing to iOSKit-existing SKProductsRequest. It is my fault that I am not familiar with iOS programming at all, and thus I am not sure how to implement it on Xojo - but I am sure SKProductsRequest has the same constructing way comparing to textFieldShouldEndEditing:. This is previously discussed in this thread, but there is no more discussion in this thread for using textFieldShouldEndEditing: as a native way of handling it.
Hope this can be added to iOSTextField :slight_smile:

Create a feature request for it if it’s not already there…:wink: