Homework for Tim Cook

Just found this today and I think, the man was not wrong:


[quote]After many frustrating hours wasted on many interactions with Apple for submitting an iOS app to the App Store, I have this wish:

Lock Tim Cook in a room alone with nothing but:

A cup of coffee.
A MacBook running:
Xcode with a completely built iOS app.
Safari with a pair of windows for:
The iTunesConnect site.
The developer.apple.com site.
A relief bucket.

Do not let him leave the room until the app has been successfully submitted to the App Store.[/quote]

The problem will lie on an unexpected way:

once the guy who check the applications at Apple will see the name of the application creator, the process will speed up drastically ;-:slight_smile: (after a quick check to verify it that Tim Cook is the Apple’s Tim Cook…)

[quote=130743:@Oliver Osswald]Just found this today and I think, the man was not wrong:


Why does the guy infer Tim Cook is even able to code ?

Maybe its the its the same philosophy as “everyone at NASA can fly the shuttle right?”

to that they are all equally capable of fixing the shuttle :stuck_out_tongue:

In my previous life and I had to work, I was happy the BIG bosses did their jobs, making the company money, so I could have a job (which they could not do).