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is it possible to create a transparent canvas/picture that can be somehow “installed” to overlay the “i” device screen (ie. over the user designated wallpaper)
This need not be interactive… but would consist of specific text that would be displayed at all times (along with a small non-transparent image)
The text would only be modified via another app which would recreate the “overlay” as required

It would be acceptable to create the image using DESKTOP Xojo, if there were a way to move it to the iDevice as an “overlay”

If there were any way, it would require a jailbroken phone and probably use of private APIs. Apple is pretty protective of the lock/home screen and there’s no way to modify it like that without jailbreaking.

Actually it “can” be done


is a prime example

Dave, it looks like that app just creates a custom wall paper for the user with the information added to the picture, which shouldn’t be too hard. To have a persistent overlay without creating a new wall paper for the user you will have to jailbreak as Tom describes. May I ask why do you want to do this?

for reasons very similar to the app I showed above.

So far I am leaning towards a Desktop app that would create a single layer image as you mentioned… but was hoping an overlay was an option so the user could change the underlaying image yet keep the displayed text the same

Using that method, any lock screen notifications would be displayed over the custom background image and obscure it.

Not really sure if there’s a good solution for this that Apple would allow.