Hobbies - Coin Rings

Hi All,

When it comes to the winter months, I find myself getting cabin fever where being a chair monkey doesn’t help. To help remedy this, I often times find a new hobby to challenge myself as a means to make it to the warmer months :slight_smile:

The Hobby that I picked this year is that of making coin rings. So far, I have a few months invested in crafting coin rings that I have run out of fingers that don’t have one. Given that I truly enjoy the process and challenge of making these rings, I have done a lot of thinking into turning something I enjoy doing and provide the results to those interested in having a one of a kind unique ring.

I have gone ahead and started the process of putting together my portfolio of coin rings online and will offer to make coin rings for the cost of $20.00 (includes shipping to the lower 48 states). If your location is outside of the lower 48 states, additional shipping charges may apply.

If you are interested in ordering a ring, please feel free to email me at info@assetpurple.com My portfolio can be found at https://assetpurple.wordpress.com