History of edited posts?

I wonder if there is an option here to see a history of the edits made to posts?

I think mods can by clicking on the edit button on a post.

I meant for us little people. :slight_smile:

Hmm. Yeah, I don’t think there’s any hope the peons :slight_smile:

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I believe this is a setting the admins can set - “edit history visible to public”. By default it is set to false if I remember correctly.

I, for one, prefer the edit history to remain hidden (if I understand correctly what you mean).
When I use inappropriate words (e.g. because english isn’t my native language), I sometimes edit my posts. Then, I prefer no one being aware of a mistake I did.

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If you can’t admit to your mistakes, don’t make the post?

Edit: rephrased

Perfectionists like me, don‘t function like this :smile:

It’s not that I can’t, it’s that I don’t want to.
I don’t see anything bad in hiding mistakes.

Theres no shame in admitting mistakes
Making it appear you never make any isnt reality


I understand, but the point wouldn’t be to embarrass anyone. (And typos aren’t really embarrassing anyway, as we all do it.)

There are times when someone posts something that is inflammatory or rude, then edits it to make it appear as if they are being attacked out of the blue. I wish I could say that I haven’t seen that here, but I have.

Allowing us to see the history would prevent, or at least mitigate, such behavior.


Moderators can see edits made to posts. If a user makes an inflammatory comment that violates the forum guidelines, even if they later edit it out, click the three dots at the bottom-right of the post and click the flag icon. This will report that post so that Xojo staff and moderators are notified, and can then take appropriate action.

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Bottom line: think before you post. That’s an absolutely reasonable request. If that’s difficult, then this is a great time to learn a new skill. If you are curious about how you learn such things, I highly recommend mindfulness meditation. It’s designed to teach you to separate what you see and hear from how you react to it so that you can take a moment and think about it rather than simply reacting with your emotions.

Sam Harris has a mobile app called Waking Up which provides guided meditation.

You can see the history of your own edits, and man, it’s nice!

Hey Geoff,

great to see the forum change!

By chance, will you be giving an update on R1 status and possible update since the R1 XDC 2020 announcement?

Please don’t hijack the thread @Rich_H.

You’re right, and I’m sure a lot of mistakes can still be seen in my posts :slightly_smiling_face:
Actually, I edit my posts not that often (I usually re-read them before posting).
Sometimes, a language barrier or my anger about something makes me answering something “weird”. If I later recognise it can be interpreted several ways (and I didn’t saw the other way(s) upon posting), I may still choose to edit the relevant post because I don’t want to hurt. In this case, I’d like my mistake to be unseen.

Funnily, I just edited this message because it went mangled when I published it first :sweat_smile:

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Oh, I see. They would remove the rude post they made and let others think the following answer(s) are the problem. Now I understand the benefit of a history.

But I guess those guys are already flagged as “rude” by other means anyway, correct?

Some folks own their rude posts and say “yup I said that to you”
Some dont and try to hide it

If you wouldn’t say it to their face its probably not suitable for a post