HighlightColor Listbox no focus Win


I need to draw my own selection in a listbox.

On Mac I’m using this to get the selection color when ListBox is active and when it is not active:

#If TargetMacOS
if not Inactive then
dim c as NSColorMBS = NSColorMBS.alternateSelectedControlColor
return c.colorValue
dim c as NSColorMBS = NSColorMBS.secondarySelectedControlColor
return c.colorValue
end if

On Window I’m only familiar with the HighlightColor which works fine when the Listbox has focus.

How can I get the “not active listbox selection color” on Windows?

Have you looked at the Windows Functionality Suite?


Well, yes.

Could not find the proper color there either, then I looked at:


and didn’t get any smarter.

Maybe that color not is defined but calculated by Win?