High Sierra bp2 Listbox ThinDotted ?

With High Sierra bp2, in a Listbox, ThinDotted disappears (running in the IDE) ?
Both H & R.

PS: I just install High Sierra on an external HDD.

Not a confirm nor a disagree ?

Do you want a screen shot (two: one under El Capitan, the second under High Sierra) ?

How about a bug report?

So, I am the first to talk about that ?

First try: aborted.

Second try: freeze.

Third try: after downloading Feedback (again, I believed I had the last version…). Back in 10 minutes

I had the latest Feedback version. But I trashed it and use the one I just downloaded.

The bug report was accepted.


BTW: I had to change the OS version # because I use El Capitan (and High SIerra for testings).

ThinDotted disappears :
With macOS 10.13.4 beta3 the problem reappears.

Same mistake with the same Apple engineer ?

Looks like this is definitely a High Sierra problem.

I noticed that as well. The thin dotted line also disappears on built applications built under earlier releases of Xojo and earlier releases of macOS so it is a High Sierra problem. Thin solid works but doesn’t look great, thin double doesn’t work either. Thick solid works but looks awful.
I’ve found the most acceptable solution is to use a pale background colour and vertical thin solid, no horizontal.


John: last beta (10.13.5) ?

The problem persists in 10.13.5 beta

Thanks to the Xojo team: with 2018R1 it’s solved.

Hi. I wonder if you, or anyone here, know(s) what Xojo did to fix this. I looked here:


…but didn’t see anything immediately applicable.

I had an old Mac app that used listbox grid lines, and the grid lines disappeared on the release of Mac OS 10.13.4. I note today (with Mac OS 10.13.6) that that same old app still has missing grid lines on the listbox. But, if I recompile the app today (with Xojo 2018r2, the grid lines are happily back.

I just wonder why and how? (I do like mysteries that solve themselves, but I’m still curious.)