High resources used by standalone web app

The network administrator at my company was able to get a standalone web app running on a linux server, but is concerned by the high amount of resources used by the application. This particular app is very simple and one would think it would have comparatively low resource use.

From my network administrator: “Running a xojo web app installed on ubuntu server 16.04 in hyper-v on windows 10, running with 4 gb of ram, from an ssd, limited to one processor core on a new intel i7. If I manually reload the webpage by myself I can spike the cpu usage in the vm to over 30 percent. Having 3 people do this can easily cause the service to give error messages and not finish loading. It seems to recover after a few seconds, and then another refresh will load the page properly.”

Any ideas on how to address this issue?

Kevin Clark

Assign at least 2 cores

Two cores is better as one can do OS stuff like network while other can run the app.

But what are you doing?

Reloading a page should not use so much CPU.

The application in question is running from a third-party hosting service as a CGI app on this page:

As you can see, it’s not a processing or data intensive app.

Definitely a single-core issue. It happens with console apps running on a single core Windows VM as well.