Hierarchical weblistbox


I need a hierarchical weblistbox for a project. I’m aware that this is not possible with the default weblistbox class.
I know that webcustomcontrols exists. It seems nice, but my main problem with it is the fact that I cannot test it (the demo app doesn’t cut it for me). I really want to test class (only in debug mode).

Does anyone knows a web hierarchical listbox that I can test in debug mode? Paid or free, the same for me. Free is better ofcourse, but yeah.
Just hierarchical text, no images or checkboxes or things like that.
Dragging nodes around is a nice bonus, but not dealbreaking if missing.

I really searched around a lot, but only find webcustomcontrols.com and grafittisuite. Both cannot be tested in debug mode.

Thanks for any leads

For future reference, I found that @JrmieLeroy ported his Treeview to a Webtreeview.

It’s awesome and can be tested in uncompiled apps.