Hierarchical listbox indentation

When you expand a row in a hierarchical listbox to display the enclosed items, those items are shown with an indentation with respect to their parent row. Is there any way to control the amount of the indentation?

I want to increase it because I see that the dropbar, which indicates where an item will be dropped, expands to the left if you drag a bit to the left to control just at what level in the hierarchy the item is dropped. With larger indentation values this feature will be more obvious.

I couldn’t find any doc on the behaviour of the dropbar, other than that by setting ShowDropIndicator you can prevent it showing.


3rd Parameter, called “indent”. It takes the number of indents, not the number of pixels to indent with. Most of the time I only need to use 1 for this value.

It is the number of pixels I want to fiddle with - and I rebuild the listbox from scratch anyway, so I only use AddRow and AddFolder. However, interesting to know that - this bit of code I wrote fairly early on when I hadn’t yet been doing much with Xojo.

Is still a speed difference between Insert and Add (Row/Folder) ?
(with 2019r1)