Hierarchical listbox expandable by clicking the rows?

Hi there. This project is for windows, I’m using Xojo 2019r1.
I should state that upgrading Xojo is not financially feasible.

I have a project that uses a hierarchical listbox to list folders and related folder contents (files).
Everything is working fine, except I would like to be able to click the folder rows (names) to expand/collapse the folder rows (instead of only using the “+” buttons)…exactly like the way they work in the Xojo examples listing.
I am using the ExpandRow event handler already.
I’ve been banging my head on this for quite awhile and I’d really appreciate some help if anyone is willing.

In the DoubleClick event, call the ExpandRow event. Something like (untested code since I don’t have 2019rxx)

Me.ExpandRow (Me.SelectedRow) = Not Me.ExpandRow (Me.SelectedRow)

Thanks, Dale.
Apparently the DoubleClick event doesn’t recognize “row”.

Window1.qm.DoubleClick, line 1
This item does not exist
Me.ExpandRow (Me.SelectedRow) = Not Me.ExpandRow (Me.SelectedRow)

on 2019r1, this would work as me.Selected(row) in something like CellClick, but not DoubleClick for the above-mentioned issue of “row” not being recognized. Any thoughts?

Dale, your suggestion led me down the path to the answer, which is so simple, I feel like an idiot for asking in the 1st place.
I put this in the CellClick event:

if me.Expanded(row) = False then
  me.Expanded(row) = True
  me.Expanded(row) = False
end if

Now it works perfectly with a single click. Thanks for the help!