HIDPI Window sizing

I’m guessing I’m missing something simple, so feel free to point me in the direction of the right documentation section or a tutorial for this. I’ve been in the HIDPI doc and didn’t find a tutorial. I’m creating a simple window for my desktop app on my desktop computer with Xojo installed. I run Windows10 My native resolution is 1920 x 1080 and the Scale and layout is at 100% (recommended). When I run the program on my desktop, everything displays as designed. When I run it on my laptop which has the same resolution but Scale and layout is 125% (recommended) the window is off. See below. First image is correct as shown on my desktop. The second is incorrect as shown on my laptop (the canvas on the right is locked to the left). In the third image, I added a label the middle (which displays fine on my desktop) and it is centered, locked left and right. The label shrinks its borders without shrinking the text size. Is this expected behavior? All I see is movement based on how the items are locked.

Supports Hi-DPI is enabled. Seems like I must be missing something very simple…

That OS (Windows) is not your friend. You habe to get the screen size, and shrink your window accordingly (do not forget the %).

Your label have (or do not have) the width / height locked in the Design window: check that too. Simple run(s) will help you modify these to fit your needs.

Thanks, Emile! So I take it that “Supports Hi-DPI” setting does not enable any kind response to automatically resize anything when the OS magnifies things?

No this isn’t built in. @Michel_Bujardet has a library that can do just that called RubberViews


Thank you Tim :slight_smile: