HiDPI Picture with Mask

Hi, I know how to use Image set, dragging image on the XojoProject with @2x. In this case I have to use image with transparency.
One of my project use Picture and Mask, it’s a very old project made by a friend and I updated it for many years, it is a MasterMind game.
I’m trying to make HiDPI Picture with Mask. I download the Xojo example “Objects in a Canvas” and I modified it: ImgMask-HdPi.zip
“ImgAutre64” is exactly “ImgTriche32” at x2. As you can see I tried many different way without success. Change the PopupMenu from 0 to 7. The interdiction picture is mine, the 3 others are Xojo original example.
My goal is to have my picture at x2, but making it from the picture and its mask.
If one of you know how to do.

Note: Nothing to do with my problem, but my new avatar picture is a photo took when my first daughter married last month :smiley: .