I’ve just moved to an HiDPI display. I can see in the Mac Xojo preference that I can change the font size for code. Is there any way to change the size of fonts in the Navigator or Inspector as well?

In the Options/Preferences dialog, “General” settings, there is an option to “Use Large Fonts” for the Navigator & Inspector.

You can’t set a specific size, but it seems to work well enough with the 4K monitor I have for both Windows and macOS.

I hope that’s what you’re looking for.

to me it seems like “normal size” is 12pt and “Large Size” is a whopping 14pt… a difference not even worth mentioning

My eyesight isn’t the greatest, and I usually use 18pt on a 5k monitor,… which of course I cannot do with Xojo, except in the editor window itself where you can set any size you want… Now if the rest of the panes in the IDE could only do the same thing

there is an fr for that
possibly more than one

some parts of the IDE are just a lot harder to make work at arbitrary point sizes

So just because it is hard it isn’t worth increasing the usability of the product? Good thing Kennedy and NASA didn’t believe that.

Not what I said at all but …

perhaps… .but that was how I read what your typed

False equivalency

And I never said any such thing - when I worked for Xojo or now

Given all the other things on their plate this likely isnt that high a priority and it is a decent amount of work as the navigator is a completely custom canvas + subclasses that manages all the drawing there. There a decent pile of code to retrofit to support a different font size.
Same for the Inspector.
Its a sizeable pile of work just for those two items.
Never mind the rest of the IDE UI.
About the only piece that was designed to support different fonts & sizes is the code editor.

The “Large Font option” that exists is what would fit & draw without having to overhaul the navigator, inspector & a few other UI elements.

Intriguing that Xojo prides itself on Native apps using Native controls built an IDE using custom controls. On Windows try running Xojo with a high contrast theme.

Some controls simply dont have very functional native versions
Windows Win32 toolbar is one