HIDPI compatibility issue with IDE

When I start IDE 2016R3 on Win10 it’s works with in compatibility with HIDPI, as expected.
When IDE is not loaded and I just doubleclick a xojo-project file, the IDE launches via file-association with HIDPI compatibility setting is off. I can easily reproduce.
Before raising a FB, I would like to know if somebody sees the same behavior.

Is double clicking on a project also opening 2016r3 ?
The reason I ask is that there is NO way for the IDE to change its hidpi support for Hidpi when started
The IDE either is compiled as hidpi or not.

This could be a Win10 isue. When I doubleclick on a projectfile, the ide loads and behave the same as having the win10 not hidpi compatible switched on.
If I start ide first and then load a recent project or start a new one it behaves as expected, hidpi compatible.