Hiding the printer popup window?

Is there a way to hide this specific printer “popup” window:

Every time this method prints a picture, that popup window happens. Since I’m printing about 600 pictures, it just blinks on/off…annoying! heh.

Here’s my code:

  Dim g As Graphics
  Dim currPicture as Picture  = Picture.Open(currFile) // currFile is set outside of this method
  g = OpenPrinter()

Wouldn’t it be better to print 600 pages instead of printing 1 page 600 times?
It doesn’t sound like a difference, but if you queue it up you might fix the blinking.

I’m not an expert on printing in Xojo so I don’t have any more insight for you :frowning:

I agree it would, but the app functionality won’t allow it.

Basically the app polls Instagram and prints specific images based on a bunch of criteria. There are times when there are 30 different images at any given second. I guess I could create a multi-page graphics object and then have it print, but I do like the immediacy of it printing 1 page as soon as it’s ready.