Hiding MenuBar

I’m trying to hide the menu bar during Splash Screen time.

I used MainMenuBar.Visible = False in the OPEN event at the Splash Screen window and when the time is over MainMenuBar.Visible = True but it’s not working.

Could someone help me?

Thanks in advance.

Set the Menu to None as well in the IDE on the Window you use as a splash screen.

Thank you but I already tried this. The MenuBar remains visible!

Look my navigator panel: http://cl.ly/1k2m0k2u3K17

On the other side of the IDE, the Inspector.
Toward the bottom (with only the window selected) you should see a popup menu for selecting a MenuBar for the window.

From every time this issue pops up on the forum, it sounds like both of these steps need to be taken.
MenuBar = None
MenuBarVisible = False

The lovely manual

Sorry for confuse you with my last post.

I really set the Menu to NONE in the Splash Screen window, but the MENUBAR is still visible.

The whole screen: http://cl.ly/0i3k2p2s0509

Ops! I understood! It worked now!!! Thanks a lot Tim.

OS X users will be irritated by the hidden menubar.