Hide Window app icon

Is there a way to hide the small app icon in the Window (top right)?

Also, is it possible to change the window topbar color?

Basically I need to have something like the System Settings window

I know I can use a Plain window but in that case I need to emulate the top right buttons (close, size, …) and it would look odd on Vista (with Window 8/10 buttons).

EDIT changing the color is already answered here : https://forum.xojo.com/30904-windows-10-window-titlebar-color

I created an icon for my app which was completely transparent, made the title empty and set the menu to none. The result looks like this

You can download the blank png file from https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18858366/BlankIcon.png

Possible issues:

  • The app will have an empty 128x128 icon, so it can popup in the Explorer as being empty.

Or am I missing something?

I looked around for some code that could serve as base for a declare, found nothing.

While I am reading this thread in Firefox, I see that Firefox’s window has no app icon at the Top-Left (not Top-Right, is that what you meant, Christoph?)

Yes I meant top left … sorry about the confusion.
Waynes trick does work but it also means there is no icon for your app in the Explorer when it displays 128x128 icons.

I guess the only way to do this is to fake it with a Plane Box window.
Creating the close/minimise/maximise buttons isn’t difficult using canvas but is there a way to grab the images from the OS so when you you run it on Vista, it return the Vista close/minimise/maximise images?
Of course I can include both Vista and Windows 8/10 images but I think it can be done with declares too.

I do not even know where are the menus (where is ctrl+0) ?

Right click tabs bar and choose menu bar.

I think this will do some of what you want… drop it in the open event of the window.

[code] #if targetwin32

const WTNCA_NODRAWCAPTION = &H00000001
//Prevents the window caption from being drawn.
const WTNCA_NODRAWICON    = &H00000002
//Prevents the system icon from being drawn.
const WTNCA_NOSYSMENU     = &H00000004

declare function SetWindowThemeAttribute lib "UxTheme" (win as ptr, attributetype as uint32, atts as ptr, size as uint32 ) as uint32
dim atts as new MemoryBlock(8)

dim res as uint32= SetWindowThemeAttribute(ptr(self.Handle),WTA_NONCLIENT,atts,atts.Size)