Hide IDE when running?

Hi, I have this code which used to work when put in the App > Open event, but now it does absolutely nothing

// HIDE IDE WHEN RUNNING #if DebugBuild hide_xojo_ide #Endif

Is this now deprecated, or is this for MacOS only?

I have tried searching the documentation, but nothing relevant seems to pop up.
Any help appreciated.

dunno what hide_xojo_IDE is or does but thats not built-in in any way

I must be losing it ??? :slight_smile:

I think that ship has sailed!

I bet it was an AppleScript…

you could use something else to hide it but I dont recall that specific item being built in

@Gavin Smith, - Crap, yes it was an applescript - I remember now :frowning:
It’s soooo annoying having to manually hide the IDE when I’m running the app in Debug.

To make things worse, I’m on Windows!!!

oh well then that apple script never worked there anyway

although there might be a command line cmd to hide the IDE
thats about what I’d do on macOS now

I happened to have most of this already written for a different project so here you go Richard, windows only


@JulianS - thank you so much - works perfectly!