Hide Constructur in Autocomplete

Is there a way to hide the Constructur method of a class in Autocomplete?

Add the Hidden attribute to the constructor.

Autocomplete is based on scope, so if you don’t want it to be accessible, make it private or protected.

But be aware that:

  • Protected: The subclass must override the constructor in order to be instantiated
  • Private: The base class cannot be instantiated; subclasses get a standard public constructor and can be instantiated


Thats a different concern and has no bearing on whether Autocomplete knows about it or not

Thank you. I thought that the error message:

[quote]Class needs to have a constructor with the signature Constructor() to be placed on a window[/quote] was telling me that the Constructor Method must be public.

For a control this is a requirement
Imagine that, in code, a Windows ie being created and all the controls are being placed on it
Basically this might look something like

     windowInstance.addControl new <whatever kind of control>
     // now set all the properties of this new control

and that is basically where the requirement for a control having a public constructor comes from

but that isnt what the original poster was asking about

I think i understand. Thank you for your explanation @Norman :slight_smile: