Hi can read A/D using XOJO

I am working in chicken project and i like to do A/D conversion and read temp to turn on fan.

Raspberry Pi’s do not have any analog inputs, however, you use an ADS1015 or ADS1115 type sensors. Enable the correct dtoverlays and they appear like just a file that you can read in xojo.

Lots of good information on how to set that up out there and then the xojo side is just basic file reading. I use this for dimmer knobs on some displays for my products. Reads in a potentiometer and sets the backlight, works well but I did have to read the value in another thread as it would lock up the UI for about 30-45ms which made dimming a bit jarring.

Another thing I have used in my projects is an ESP32 for all the IO. Connect it to a raspberry pi via wifi or serial and use either MQTT or some other protocol. Very nice for automation where you want some low-level control and then a UI to display it all.

then i go with c language is easy only is hard for graphics display

I think our PortAudio classes work on Linux.
If yes, PortAudioStreamBufferedMBS may give you samples for incoming audio.