Hex(mVal) Vs mVal.ToHex(8)

Hi, I have just get an strange issue and maybe is correct … or not.

I have:
Dim mVal As Integer = -589
Hex(mval) --> FFFFFDB3
mVal.ToHex(8) --> 00000003

What is I missed here?

Best regards,

Appears to be a bug in Integer.ToHex. It adds the negative value as a positive but starts back over at 0 instead of carrying.

Create a project with a listbox that has 2 columns.

Put the following code in a button action event and observe.

Dim a,b As Integer for i as Integer = 0 DownTo -100 a = Integer.fromhex(Hex(i).totext) b = Integer.FromHex(i.ToHex(8)) listbox1.AddRow(cstr(a),cstr(b)) next