HelpTag for THE row in a PopupMenu

I hope this will also answer the same question for a Combobox
I am getting lost in how to get the HelpTag for either a or b

a. the row that is highlighted in PopupMenu since KeyDown apparently doesn’t fire.
From KeyDown event I have:

ElseIf Key = ChrB(30) Then//Up Arrow to top Key = ChrB(31) Return False ElseIf Key = ChrB(31) Then//Down Arrow to bottom Return False

b. the row that the mouse is over. In a ListBox the X and Y translates into a row
I don’t know how to even get a row.

On Mac OS, I don’t think this is possible

I was hoping because you could get X and Y

Sorry, let me rephrase: I don’t think it is possible on MacOS with Xojo!

I mean, you can do almost everything in C (or C++, objcC…) but that requires a lot of coding. Functions exist to allow your software to follow mouse movements, but it is nowhere near what Xojo offers.

Thank you. Grumble