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I have been Uservoice without problems since forever. Apparently, it’s not supported to send emails to the helpdesk software with Sendgrid which I have been doing for years. It’s also not possible to control the spam filter within the software. Unfortunately, their spam filter has been misbehaving in the last weeks and I missed a couple of tickets.

Therefore, I’m looking for alternatives. Of course, I know about the big ones like Zendesk and Freshdesk. However, both look like overkill for my needs.

Does anyone have a recommendation for an alternative?

  • I only need a simple ticket management.
  • Hosted. I don’t want to host anything.
  • Low cost per month.

Maybe airtable, they support Forms (perfect for feedback) and they have many customisation options for all kinds of purposes. Also integration to git or so is possible.

Simple Fossilscm :

– von meinen slides –
Entweder man hat einen Versiontracker oder gleich MS-Teams and friends oder Cloud oder… Aber ist das Alles ? Wie wärst mit Wiki, Bugtracker and more, und alles wird in einer SQLite Datenbank gespeichert. So nehmen wies ist, oder viel sogar mit XOJO etwas herumbauen. Installation : Es kommt ein Binary ( geschrieben in C).

Tip : ein Projekt mit allen Artifakten anlegen, kopieren, aufräumen. Dann hat man auch gleich ein Template für Folgeprojekte.

Hosting : ist eigentlich nur ein binary inklusive sqlite db.

Hab früher phpgroupware and friends verwendet, aber da muß man viel installieren

Gruß Rainer

Hi Beatrix, I can recommend to you. We are using it for 5 years now with one down-time for half an hour since then (and no e-mail got lost, just the frontend wasn’t available). They have an API too (not sure if that’s included in the free tier though). We have a paid version, but for your purposes the free tier might be sufficient, up2u to investigate into that.

They have a powerful workflow engine to customize automated response etc and you can integrate it into your webpage too. The Spam Filter is automated as well, but surprisingly well working. But as you faced issues with your current solution you should probably test this.

Unfortunately I can’t tell you what version we are using, as it doesn’t exist any longer, it is a mix of their current offerings, but they never forced us to upgrade or migrate. You can connect your own domain. With a paid cert it is very easy. We switched to let’s encrypt, that’s a tiny bit tricky, as you have to work with workarounds like and update it manually every 3 months. Not a big deal, and our problem, as we don’t want to use a paid cert, but that’s the only “issue” we ever had.

Whatever you do stay away from Freshdesk.

I was there…and every once in a while you get ticket bombs 13000 tickets. And they will blame you and suspend your account, and it will take days to re-open it.

And even on the days you do not get such bombs you need to set up crazy filters your self to filter out all sorts of Russian letters to auto go in spam in their system.

I migrated to Jira, and there have been zero problems there. And you can get it for free.

I basically moved everything to Jira on free accounts, Jira Helpdesk for support, Jira Software for Kamban and planning boards, and Bitbucket for the Git (which links to the other 2). And one more Gira something which is documents that you can for example connect to the Helpdesk as knowledge base which it auto looks up in when user is typing in the problem.

You need to be pretty big user to need paid account there.

Thanks, but no thanks to Airtable and Fossil because I don’t want to manage something myself.

@Björn_Eiríksson: Freshdesk sounds like major not-fun. Thanks for the warning.

@Jeannot_Muller: I’ll check out LiveAgent.

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There is one little con I forgot: their mobile App is a bit outdated from the look and feel, but it is working fine and you can open the webapge which is adaptive and good enough (at least for us). We have anyways integrated liveAgent into Slack, and getting a copy of the tickets over there.

I use Crisp and I am very happy with it.
But it might not have all features you are looking for.

I’ve been using HelpScout for a few years. They have a basic plan for $10 a month. I run a couple of products through it.

My favorite is Zammad (Starter for 5 € per month) and there is also a free community version at