Help: Xojo IDE opens *two* copies of my project, every time!

It doesn’t matter how I open my project, either from the recent’s menu/dialog or by double clicking in the finder, Xojo insists of opening two copies of my project with slightly different starting points (opened windows/classes/etc.). This only started happening recently, and only on this one large project. I’m not about to file a bug report, since it seems to be an isolated issue, but if I forget to close one of them, I’m worried that I’ll make edits in both and will accidentally overwrite things. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get it to stop doing this?


-bill k

What OS/Version/Xojo Version?

Mac OS X/10.11.2/Xojo 2015r4. Saving as a new project and opening that has the same effect…

I’m not Xojo staff so I’m merely making guesses here.
Using terminal, cd [drop your xojo project folder here];ls -a
How many copies of .[project].uistate are there? That’s the only reason I can think it would open with multiple different starting points.

Thanks Tim, there was only one hidden .xojo_uistate file, but I deleted it things are back to normal now.

Create a Feedback Case and attach your project including the uistate file. Then delete the uistate file to stop the issue.

I had the same issue on El Capitan with X2015R4 and already reported it in a private Case.

Already gone :frowning:

Hopefully they can figure out the problem with only your feedback case. At least the fix was simple.

Maybe the file is still in your Trash Folder? :slight_smile:

It’s happening again. I’ll create a feedback case and send the .xojo_uistate file to the mothership. Thanks again Tim for the solution.

What version are you using ?

nm - scrolled back and see its r4

you might be seeing case <>

Well same issue here guys, I thought that I’m noting nuts, I deleted all the XOJO and apps related to XOJO, reinstalled all the apps back and it’s doing same thing, it opens the project 2, recently 3 times, I lost a lot of time coding, then saving the bad one and loosing all the data so now the only resolution is to close all and leave one, work on it and always test and check. One issue that I noticed as well is that the project always has only save as enabled so I have to always change the extension from binary to xojo_project and to override the current file .

Os version : El Capitan
XOJO version : Latest one 2015R4
Project type xojo_project file system due to versioning (GIT)

I’m currently writing from my iPad so in the morning I’ll have a look on that feedback case and I’ll try as well to delete that uistate file. If it helps I noticed this issue after few IDE crashes, specially when I search in the project files some times , randomly it crashes and recently I had few of those and then I noticed that project duplication issue.

Thanks and I’ll come back with updates if I have some .

[quote=239374:@Norman Palardy]
you might be seeing case <>[/quote]

is it possible that you had 2 windows open (for the same project) when you saved it last and that’s what’s getting opened?

I don’t use multiple windows very often, but sometimes I do and save the project. Upon reopen I get two windows (with different active tabs) and it always throws me.

The issue here is exactly whats in the case I linked to thats fixed for 2016r1

It ONLY affects VCP projects

Thanks for update and as usual waiting for the release to fix the issue.

I just ran into this same issue.

Deleted MyProject.xojo_uistate file then reloaded the project file and only one workspace window was opened this time.

I meant to mention that renamed my project and my source code directory had two *.xojo_uistate files, which seems to relate to the feedback possibly that Norman mentioned above.