Help with Windows running in Parallels VM on a Mac


I am clueless when it comes to Windows, for my entire working life I have worked on Macs. Some two years ago I purchased Parallels to run Window 7 to be able to check websites on a Windows machine. For this simple job I didn’t bother creating a user and just used Administrator which was already created.

Now I am using Xojo (on a Mac) and would like to create Windows versions I need help.

According to the LR the path to the Windows Application Data folder is: \Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\

I couldn’t find any such Directory, so I created a new Standard User, and although I can find the Users Directory, I cannot find the UserName I used or AppData or Roaming. I even searched for Roaming on the c: drive.

Can someone help me, or have I probably screwed up the installation of Windows when I started. I am happy to reinstall Parallels and Windows 7. The reason I need the AppData\Roaming\ folder is I have a sqlite database that needs opening.

Many thanks

Appdata is a hidden directory on Windows, you won’t see it, but you can go to it by typing %appdata% in the explorer address bar.

Thanks Wayne

I managed to find it. However, even though I created a new Standard User (called cliffgs) and have restarted Parallels and Windows since then, the only User in that folder was Administrator.

Included in the folder were further folders such as: Adobe, Apple Computer, Macromedia, and even Xojo. So, would I create a folder called Poultry and put my sqlite folder in there? And if that were the case in my open folder item code would it be:

dbFile = SpecialFolder.ApplicationData.Child("Poultry").Child("Poultry_db.sdb")

Sorry to be so thick, but apart from getting to grips with Xojo, I need to find my way into Windows (just for this app, I hope).

That should work.

In explorer you can change your settings to show hidden files by selecting tools/folder options.

Which will make it easier for you.

You’ll only see the folder for the user that you’re logged in as.

Trying logging in as cliffgs and you should see C:\Users\cliffgs\AppData\Roaming

Thanks Tim

Not only am I clueless about Windows, but I sometimes think that I switch my brain off when using it. Of course, I have to login as a User - why didn’t I think of that?