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[quote=430384:@Norman Palardy]select text
right click
Clean invisible ascii characters[/quote]

that was the biggest and best news I heard all day.

Wow! After all these years, I never knew it was there. Thank you!!!

That has been there for … years.
Literally years

[quote=430420:@Norman Palardy]That has been there for … years.
Literally years[/quote]

yes but if you dont know about it, you cant use it.

fair … there are a few helpers that if you select code but never right click you might never know they exist
this is one of those helpers

I do remember seeing this from another conversation a couple of years back.

Being able to clean invisible characters like this is handy, but you have to know or suspect that they are there. I wonder if Xojo should go one step further and not allow (=actively strip out) any of these in the code editor at all (or in constants only).

IMHO this is a BAD idea. There may be times when I WANT to have invisible or non-printable characters in the code editor (i.e., as a part of a string that will be fed into an external system). I could see making a warning available, but DON’T just silently change the characters I put into the code editor.

Oh, BAD idea, lots of capitals, I better don’t argue. Anyway, I didn’t say “silently” and I did mention constants with exactly the use case you mentioned in mind. But whatever.

this is cool