Help ($$$) with setting up Web App on AWS

Anyone out there willing to help/tutor/walk-me-through getting a web app running on AWS? I can compensate your for your time.

I believe Lifeboat does that. I used it to get things working on Digital Ocean.

@Tim_Parnell yes?

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I’ve also just recently updated the quick start videos for the new UI :slight_smile:

More information about Lifeboat here:

AWS Lightsail Quickstart:

@Tim_Parnell - will Lifeboat work with this AWS server:

  • Apache Web Server with 30GB drive – Linux – t3a.large – 2CPU 8GB mem

This is the specific machine the app would be running on

Lifeboat is meant to be installed into an empty instance, not one with pre-installed stack. If you use Lifeboat with that specific stack it will uninstall Apache and replace it with nginx. Lifeboat uses nginx as the load balancer and web server.

I don’t have an instructional video for EC2 yet because EC2 is significantly more complicated to configure than Lightsail. The Lifeboat parts are the same but setting up the networking, security groups, and virtual cloud is quite the process the first time.

Not that I couldn’t be convinced to create a video for EC2 :innocent:

If you’d like to reach out to me privately with more details about what you’re trying to do and why you’re starting with an Apache stack, I’d be happy to help you determine if Lifeboat is right for you. Feel free to send a private message here on the forum or email me:

Best wishes,
Tim Parnell

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FWIW Tim did some custom work for us on Lifeboat. He did it well, on budget and on time…


FWIW, lifeboat clients can start/build their projects in Lightsail and then promote them to AWS later as shown HERE

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