Help with older .rbx plugins

Hello all,

I am getting back to use Xojo, and after this rather long absence am trying to give the ?new? IDE a fresh look and chance. I still do not like it (working under windows) but have to give it some more time.

My problem right now is that older .rbx plugins do not appear anywhere. They are in the Plugins folder, and were there before launching Xojo. How do I get a list of them, and/or bring them into the project?

Thank you,

Are you talking about Plugin Controls? If so, they’ll appear in the Library with the other controls. There’s a menu at the top that lets you filter the list.

Hi Greg,

Yes, I am. I am specifically looking for elastic controls but they are not in that window.
edit- I actually have newer ones. I will drop them into the xojo\plugins folder and retry.


I guess I have been away longer than I thought!
Elastic has to be dragged into the project. Then it works fine.

Thanks for reply Greg!