Help with MenuBar


I’ve been testing MenuBar in my Mac and it works fine until I build it for other platforms like Windows. In Windows, it is disabled.

Now when I use Xojo on Windows and build for Mac, it is enabled but it does not do anything, no methods I have set is being run, tried adding breakpoints but it does not click. Is this a bug or is there something I should do to make it work on multiple platforms?

Thanks in advance.


Some unclear points for me about your question:
• What is disabled in Windows? The whole menu bar, a specific menu or one menu item?
• I assume you’ve added menu item handlers. Are you saying you put breakpoints in the handlers and those are called on Mac but not on Windows?
• What “does not click”? I’d think it’s you or another user who click somewhere.

Normally, if a menu handler is executed on one OS, I hardly see a reason to not be executed on another (if sticking in Xojo).

Hi Arnaud,

I was referring to the MenuItems, it’s clickable/enabled on Mac but on the Windows version of my app it is disabled.

Hi Nikko,

Ok, where did you put your menu handlers? (I mean, in what object).


I set my menu to None in the App and set it on my Window which my project only has one window.


I was referring to the menu handlers, not the menu bar (albeit it’s a good thing you mentioned how you assign your menu bar, as this is not a standard way: any reason you can’t leave the menu bar also on the app class?).

So, where do you handle your menu items? In the window, in the app, somewhere else?


Yep, I handle my menu items in my Window.

I did leave the menu bar in the App but still has the same issue.

Have you double-checked the menu item handlers are exactly named like your menu items?
Are your menu items’ AutoEnable property still on?

Otherwise, would it be possible for you to share a small project with this issue so I can examine it?