help with make PDF reports

i am working on app for service repair and i need to make invoice on PDF

any idea how this can be done

check this

how it works
any examples

I use NCREPORTS - graphical design - i ntegrated in my xojo project

does it work for iOS ?

i have valentina and i like but no works on ios

If you don’t mind creating the PDF programmatically via a graphics object: I am about to finish the first release of CSGraphics, an almost full-fledged implementation of CGContext and helper classes for macOS and iOS with full Xojo datatype integration. It will contain the ability to create PDF contexts (and PDF files therefore) and I could need a few beta testers soon.

NCReports is a great tool, but afaik for OSX, Windows, Linux and Raspberry PI, so not for IOS.

Thanks to all for the information but I see that I have no other exit than to go in the direction of xcode because XOJO does not have suport to print either.

I`ll be glad to test this one as well as i need same functionality, please let me know once is ready.

Thanks a lot.

Great! I’ll inform you once I am done. Currently, all functions are working on macOS, but I need to put some work into making the initialization dictionary easy to handle. Conversion to iOS should be no big deal, and it would be awesome to have testers for iOS especially.

Ok, Alexis, I use MBS Dynapdf, or if you want can use FPDF xojo porting on github

  1. create new page
  2. add a jpg in whole page
  3. print field in page

In my apps, have create 3 tables for document definition.
In document have 4 position

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Document Row
  • Vat table Row

These because have more type of document: order, prices, invoice etc.

I’ve been using the GraffitiSuite PDF engine for my web applications (he has a desktop version as well). So far I’ve used it for Reports and Purchase Order printable outputs. I’ve found it relatively easy to deploy and flexible enough for my needs.

Let me use this thread for a technical question:

So far, the macOS implementation runs nicely, except for I cannot figure out how to create the dictionary for the PDFBeginPage method. I use a NSDictionary which is much easier to handle than a CFDictionary, and I just save the byteValue of a NSRect to a NSData object and put it into the dictionary with the string constant (for MediaBox, ArtBox etc.)
This is accepted by BeginPage but has no influence on the PDF created, so I must be doing something wrong.

And if somebody should need outputIntent or ourputIntents help in researching the necessary dictionary entries would be much appreciated, because – argh!:

Any updates on this ?